michelle sando – treasurer

How long have you been with Bayside BMX Club?

I only started racing BMX this year but have been volunteering since the kids joined in 2017.

What made you join the club?

It came up in conversation at a school disco. A few weeks later we checked it out and signed up our son. My daughter only lasted 1 week on the sideline.

The 4-month membership and loan equipment available from the club were a huge incentive to join the club. We could “trial” the sport without the investment in equipment.  The other members made us feel so welcome, we didn’t mind giving up our (heavily protected) Friday nights to bring the kids down to racing.

What do you drink?

I’m not real fussy but tipple of choice is a good quality Scotch or Sailor Jerry with water.

Do you do any other sports?

Other than running around after my kids, bike is life in our house.  I have a MTB, a beach cruiser, road bike and BMX makes 4. I’ve also been known to make an appearance on a netball court and before my ankle gave up, I was trail running & competing off-road triathlons.

What is the one word you would use to associate with Bayside BMX Club?

Fun! Even though we race, the club tries to keep it fun. It’s so important for the kids to enjoy sport, and I think Bayside does this well.

What bike do you race with?

Race? I chase after the others on a 20” GT Speed Series Pro. It’s an older model that I picked up second-hand, the fluoro is a little faded but it’s perfect for me.

What (if any) is the significance of your race plate number?

When the kids got plates we did birthdays (easy to remember). My birthday didn’t fit so I added them together to make 63.

Do you have a racing superstition/ ritual?

I don’t take it seriously enough to have one…..yet.

Have you broken any bone in BMX?

Not on a bike. Bit of blood, and plenty of grazes and bruises.