karl hinspeter

– track director

How long have you been with Bayside BMX Club?

Since early 2017 when my boy Mitch joined.

What made you join the club?

I rode when I was a kid and hadn’t ridden since then. After getting to know the boys I decided to get back into it last year.


What do you drink?

A good beer mostly, but occasionally CC or Rum.


Do you do any other sports?

Not at this stage. I have a dirt bike but the only dirt it’s seen lately is the inside of our garage.


How many BMX riders does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only one…me 😀


What is the one word you would use to associate with Bayside BMX Club?



What bike do you race with?

GT Speed Pro XXL 20”


What (if any) is the significance of your race plate number?

63 (from my old road racing days)


Do you have a racing superstition/ ritual?



Have you broken any bone in BMX?

Not in BMX, but a few when I raced Motocross as a kid.